Saloni Sinha: Merging Concept, Visual Styling and Experimentation

Q. Could you please elaborate on what your role as Senior Experience Designer at Frog Design involves and related projects you’ve worked on?

Q. Which artist’s works do you look up to and what do you adopt from them in your approach?

Q. Having worked on various projects across branding, UI/UX, typeface, posters, etc. how do you adapt to the diversity in their nature and demands?

Q. Could you kindly elaborate on why you choose visual styling, conceptual thinking and experimentation as the roots of your work?

Q. Which have been the noteworthy clients and projects you’ve worked for and could you highlight some valuable experiences you’ve had in particular?

Q. In terms of technicalities like colour scheme, lighting, proportion and the likes how do you describe your style and approach?

Q. If you could determine one thing about the field of art today, what would it be and why?

Q. What particular efforts or ways do you take to understand and achieve what is expected by a client?

Q. How do you choose subjects and the manner of conceptualising them in your illustrations?

Q. What kind of projects do you dream to do and what draws you to them?

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