Faustine Merle gives us a preview of her experiences and learnings as an art student in Paris.

Faustine Merle is currently a Fourth-year student at animation school, Gobelins, in France. During this time, she’s honed a love for illustration as part of Visual Development, Character Design, and Concept Art.


Q. Please elaborate on your exposure, education, and experience gained in relation to art since the initial days when you first recognized your love for it.

Faustine Merle: I have always had a passion for drawing, which is why I started Art studies in High School. Graduated in Applied Arts, wherein I gained a taste for working on projects. I then naturally chose animation because of my love for movement and dynamism in drawing and also because I like teamwork.

I started a DMA (Arts Trades Diploma) and, after one year…

A story can never be compelling without powerful characters. Characters are like wheels in a wagon, the wagon being the narrative. Hence, character design is a vital part of a visual story. Allison Berg, freelance character designer and student of the University of Victoria in British Columbia, explains the various factors that result in compelling character designs.

Allison Berg, 19, is a freelance character designer and a student at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, majoring in Computer Science with Visual Arts as their minor. Berg’s keen interest in arts can be witnessed through her colorful artworks. Their immense love for the Horror genre and storytelling resulted in the webcomic, “After Dark” which can be read in WebToons.


Q. Can you talk to us about your artistic journey?

Allison: Ever since I was a kid, I have been interested in creating stories and characters. I have always known that the art industry was the place I wanted to be in, but I didn’t…

Animation artist, Mike Morris, describes how in spite of technological innovation furthering technical skills and abilities, being able to draw audiences emotionally lies at the heart of animation.

Mike Morris is a Director and Storyboard artist of animation. His past projects include globally popular animated series like The Simpsons and Disney’s Duck Tales (2017) amongst others. With a personal love for classic and action adventure animation, his list of past clients ranges from the likes of timeless Disney and Warner to the more contemporary DreamWorks.


Q. Could you please describe your creative process when starting a new project?

Mike Morris: Starting a project, I always look for the meaning…

Character designer, illustrator and storyboard artist, Ritaban Das, elaborates on the significance of storyboarding to effectively tell a story and thus also shares insights from his decade-long experience in animation.

Ritaban Das is a character designer, storyboard artist and illustrator working in the animation industry for the last decade. He’s worked on a wide range of national and international 2D and 3D animated projects for platforms like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Pogo. Recently, he shifted to Toronto, Canada for higher studies, looking to contribute his skills to the Canadian animation industry. …

Archer Dougherty strongly disbelieves in nurturing a “signature style,” instead of encouraging artists to constantly experiment with thought, concept, visual language and so on. Mostly self-taught while social media was still in its infancy, she dove into an exploratory approach to develop her skill and vision through a mixture of learning from failures and little successes. Not trying ensures one is not a failure but neither a success, she realised.

For over ten years, Archer Dougherty specialised in design and 2D work, drawing being her favourite mode. Though she studied sculpting and print-making at her local state university, Archer trained…

Senior Experience Designer at Frog Design, Saloni Sinha unravels the unique step-by-step approach she applies to her designing and illustrating process. Starting out with experimentation, she progresses to conceptualising and ends with visual styling to produce what she considers the effects of her designing roots.

Penelope “Peng-Peng” Gaylord and her empowering representation of women has been cresting in this industry for the past 13 years. She talks about how she works on art that has an ‘emotional connection’ with the audience and leaves an impact. The zealous fellow aims for more experience in children’s books and creating change in ‘representation’.

A freelance character designer and illustrator based in Los Angeles, Penelope Gaylord co-founded Identity Comics Studios and has worked with various renowned companies including Imagine Entertainment, Penguin Random House, Crunchyroll, and DC Comics. Her sole focus on the character, upshots into the creation of an…

Keya Mahata tries to connect to her audience mainly through the medium of the various characters she designs. No doubt she strongly feels the need to understand the very story behind their personas before delving into shaping them first in her mind and then on her mood board and screen. While also likewise involved with caricatures, she has largely worked to create not only characters but also backgrounds for various gaming platforms in her journey so far.

Visual Storytelling is an art on its own. Several factors determine the effectiveness of the narration of an artwork, such as composition, lighting and colours. And narrating a story solely through a character is even more challenging. Brie Schmida, a visual storyteller, character designer and illustrator, reveals essential factors that aid in successful visual narration and brilliant character design.

Based in California, United States, Brie Schmida is an illustrator, visual storyteller and character designer. Her immense love for storytelling and ardent passion for art can be witnessed through her colourful, quirky and jovial artworks. Graduate from Academy of Art University…

Danny Jose, is a rather prudent illustrator who makes artworks that hold versatility and describe the backstory perfectly. His pre-planning and understanding with the client help him get the desired outcome. He also tells about how his love for automobiles encircles around his personal artwork and about his ideal image of a client.

Insightful artist Danny Jose lives in Chennai, India and works as an illustrator, art director and storyboard artist.With past clients like Swiggy India, Reliance, Rubecon and Curefit he also carries quite some experience in the industry.Jose’s …


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