Roshan Gawand is an Illustrator based in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. He has completed his Graduation Studies from L. S. Raheja School of Art as a commercial artist and finds inspiration in real-life experiences.


Q. How would you describe yourself and your style as an illustrator?

Roshan Gawand: I am an Illustrator based in Navi Mumbai. I did my Graduation…

Faustine Merle gives us a preview of her experiences and learnings as an art student in Paris.

Faustine Merle is currently a Fourth-year student at animation school, Gobelins, in France. During this time, she’s honed a love for illustration as part of Visual Development, Character Design, and Concept Art.


Q. Please elaborate on your exposure, education, and experience gained in relation to art since the initial days when you first recognized your love for it.

Faustine Merle: I have always had a passion for drawing, which is why I started…

A story can never be compelling without powerful characters. Characters are like wheels in a wagon, the wagon being the narrative. Hence, character design is a vital part of a visual story. Allison Berg, freelance character designer and student of the University of Victoria in British Columbia, explains the various factors that result in compelling character designs.

Allison Berg, 19, is a freelance character designer and a student at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, majoring in Computer Science with Visual Arts as their minor. Berg’s keen interest in arts can be witnessed through her colorful artworks. …

Character designer, illustrator and storyboard artist, Ritaban Das, elaborates on the significance of storyboarding to effectively tell a story and thus also shares insights from his decade-long experience in animation.

Ritaban Das is a character designer, storyboard artist and illustrator working in the animation industry for the last decade. He’s…


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